Copay Assistance Card for your
Sancuso prescriptions

Save up to $300 per patch on Sancuso
after paying the first $20 per prescription
(maximum $1200 per month for 4 or more patches)*

Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Show this Copay Assistance Card and your valid prescription each time you pay for your prescription.
  2. Pay the initial $20 of your copay for each prescription of Sancuso and any remaining out-of-pocket cost will be reduced by $300 for 1 patch to a maximum of $1200 per month for 4 or more patches.*
  3. Save your Copay Assistance Card – this card can be used multiple times up to 48 patches per patient. In no case, will the monthly benefit exceed $300 for 1 patch, $600 for 2 patches, $900 for 3 patches or $1200 for 4 or more patches.

Examples of what you might pay:

Number of Patches Out-of-Pocket Cost Copay Card Pays = You Pay
1 $250   $230   $20
2 $500   $480   $20
3 $900   $880   $20
4 $1,300   $1,200   $100

*Offer expires 01/31/2019. For qualifying patients only. Restrictions apply.
Program rules and eligibility provided on copay card. This coupon is not insurance.

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